Three More Friends

When I walked up to the fence these three all converged to come say hello. The big beauty on the right had a head as big as a house but was friendly enough for a good quick rub. I am wondering if I am not looking at a family portrait with the foal being in the middle.

3 friendsIn short order the white horse was the only one who wanted to hang out with me and was quickly comfortable enough to let me rub his face and touch his strong head.

sweet horseDo horses know that whatever pleasure I might give they return ten times over? There is something so nourishing about being in their presence, and I am filled with childlike joy.

white horse© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Little Leaning House

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

This little leaning house on the prairie sits long vacant and with great pride. As it leans and twists, it refuses to yield, and the struggle for existence leaves this beautiful shell.  My best guess is that this was used by a ranch hand who may have had his family with him.