27 thoughts on “Hotel Rex

  1. It certainly has it’s own character! 🙂
    Glad to see a posting from you again. I hope you’re doing fine in these troubling times.
    Best, and stay healthy,


  2. Once the moment is captured, it is never lost in time. Time includes the present, the past, and the future. There are no real differences among present, past, and future because the differences are merely subjective — likewise, the stories we share.


    • And since we never really achieve self actualization, it is good that you go with “becoming” as really, it’s all we got, and the best we can hope for.


  3. Rock Springs … the last time through, I was a kid. We were coming home from a short vacation at Yellowstone. My mom said it was like if it was still stuck in the last of the cowboy days.


    • I like to see the occasional bison gore the tourist who gets too close. Yellowstone would be great, if there were no people. As to Rock Springs, I should have kept going right past it. Good to see you David.


    • I’m guessing that there wasn’t much in Rock Springs that created great memories, but then you could have had a fun travelling partner, eh. Good to see you sir.


    • Hi Lilly. There is an openness to Wyoming which is compelling for sure. And you are right about the winters which are cold and very windy. Better for me to visit in the summer and cling to my comfortable home in northern Colorado in the winter.

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