Old guy, retired, and perhaps burned out and mistrusting in general.
Married 45 years, intuitive, passionate, and thirsting for meaning.
College educated, sometimes very stupid, moments of clarity.

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  1. Hello Mike –

    Thanks for paying a visit to CorneaCopia today. I’m glad you enjoyed My American Gothic. What you say on this page rings awfully true to me. I’ll be 68 soon and I often find myself feeling exactly the same way.

    Anyway, I’m on my way to read a bit of your blog. Stay well.


  2. Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I like your bio! You sound a lot like me. I like photographing old building, cars, trucks and landscapes. Seldom photograph people, they seem to be a pain.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Sorry to barge in again, I have been missing a new post so here is the topic for another one; I have listed your blog for “The Liebster Blog award”!


    Keep penning.


    • If I were to win that award I would have to celebrate with a fine German beer and some sausage. Come to think of it, if I don’t win the award I’ll celebrate with some fine German beer and some sausage. Thank you for validating what I am trying to do by blogging. Cyber hug.

      • Hey Mike,

        My bad, you better get that beer and sausage out, you have won the award! when i wrote, listed, i meant picked, making you the winner above all. Please go ahead announce it in your blog (thats the rule # 1, and you can look up the rest of the rules in my post.)

        Get those sausages ready budd, i am gonna come over soon.

      • Question: aside from the honor bestowed on you from your peers, do you win anything? I like to lay low……as such I am struggling with the concept of creating a post saying that I won whatever this is. Would that make me the SOB that I may well be? You can still come over for sausages. That would be my pleasure.

  4. What a talented writer you are! I have been poking around on your blog this morning after you so kindly commented on a recent post on my blog. I am enjoying, immensely, your humor, wit and pain. I look forward to immersing myself in more of your writing this morning with my coffee!

  5. Had a fun visit here this morning! Wanted to thank you for stopping by and let you know that I am adding a few posts about using the Kippered Salmon, hope you can stop by and do please let me know what you think. Been out of action and will be for a while longer but do read the posts of those I follow. Love your photography!

  6. Hi Mike
    I just looked at your photos. They are such simple shots but they say so much and I just love them. Many thanks for stopping by my blog, and a very merry Christmas to you.

  7. I like your candidness!! “…burned out and mistrusting in general…educated, sometimes very stupid, moments of clarity.” You are sooo cooool! haha!
    Thanks for visiting my blog >> adventureh.wordpress.com

  8. Mike! You’ve been nominated! For The Versatile Blogger Award!
    I couldn’t resist🙂 Your blog is one of my faves, so I nominated you.
    Here’s the link to my post about it:

    And here’s what you must do to accept:
    a. Write a post accepting the award and show the award’s picture.
    b. List seven random and weird facts about yourself – things that probably haven’t already come up in your blog posts.
    c. Pass the award on to 5-15 other blogs, ones that you already follow or for which you solicit invitations.
    That’s it! I hope you’ll accept my kudos to you for creating such a wonderful blog🙂

    • Sylver, this is the third time I have been nominated for blogging awards and while I REALLY appreciate it, I would prefer to just go on blogging without getting involved with this. I hope this doesn’t piss you off, but it is my style to avoid this kind of thing. THANK YOU!

    • Scott, thanks so much. This is actually the 5th one I’ve been nominated for, and the truth is I am honored, but just want to blog without the fanfare. Hope you understand, and I already know that you do. Thanks man.

  9. You are very welcome, Mike. You were the first blog-friend that I thought of when trying to compile my list of who to honor. And I do understand. You are most welcome.

    Thank you again for sharing your heart with us…with me.


  10. Hi Mike, just wanted to say thanks for the like and subscription to my page, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and looking through your photos, you seem like a really funny and interesting guy! Thanks again, and look forward to reading more soon.

  11. Thank you for liking my blog. I’m still pretty novice when it comes to this stuff. But enjoying it anyway. I’m enjoying your photos and blogs.🙂

  12. Thank you very much! I truly appreciate.


    I have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award” , this will be my second nomination for this award, and i owe a huge thank you to “Dark Zone“, this is a privelege coming from you and thank you again.

    For this award i have to do a couple of things as follows:

    1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post (done ).

    2. Share 7 things about yourself.

    3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

    4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

    Now a little bit about my self:

    1- I am about to have my 4th surgical procedure in 3 years.

    2-I love online poker

    3-I collect anything frog

    4-I have over 200 first cousins

    5- “Renee” is my middle name

    6-I love to sing

    7-I love to cook, especially Italian food

    I would like to pass the award to the following blogs

    1- bintangzohra

    2- Basil Wheel

    3- Horror Zealot

    4- thethickersense

    5- 10eveningflowers

    6- Joakim Knudsen

    7-Into The Bardo

    8-Mike’s Look On Life

    9-The Solipsistic Me


    11-Lavender Ironside

    12-Pepperbox Couture

    13-Maze A Day



    Thanks again and congratulations

    • Nae, Thank you for this nomination, but While I greatly appreciate it, I would just like to blog without any hoopla. As such, I will remain hoopless but appreciative.

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  14. Thanks for your support on Bruges in December. There’ll be a couple more images from that trip up in the next few days (hopefully!)…. Hope your blog goes from strength to strength….

  15. Once again, I am so glad to meet with you. Thank you for visiting my blog, that I have met with your amazing photographs… Your photographs so beautiful and so exciting too… I loved your lovely Pumpkin too. But there is something that I am impressed so much, one of the pictures at the top of the pages…. The sculptures of men… they are sitting… This is amazing and great, either photograph and sculpture… Fascinated me, I would like to learn more about this one, where is this, and who did and what means…etc.
    Thank you, Blessing and Happiness,
    with my love, nia

    • That sculpture is in New York City and when I took the photo it was installed close to the world trade center, 6 months after the terrible event. It is a tribute to the iron workers and construction men who helped build all of NY, not just the trade center.
      Thank you for your interest and your really nice comment, it means a lot to me.
      Blessings to you as well Nia.

      • WOW! I am impressed much more now. I know this tragical event, it was the worst thing that happened in the world… But this sculpture is amazing, and really hits the whole story. Thank you dear Mike, I have learned now, and I added to my favurite photographs file. And also I added your blog to my favurite blogs list too. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  16. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post, “Bikers and blues in Old Florida.” I’ve been poking around your blog and like the mix of things you have going on here.

  17. I wish I’d be like you when I’m 62… still 22 to go!😮 Let’s see… Hey there! thanks for coming by our travel photoblog and subscribing to it! Much appreciated! You’ve got a beautiful blog over here… love the layout!😮
    Please feel free to browse around, as you wish, I’m also an amateur, and passionate photographer, and so is the husband, imagine!

    Warm wishes for a successful year of 2012. Greetings from Brazil, from http://3rdculturechildren.com

  18. Thank you for taking the time to read my recent post, “Picture this: Australia’s green desert” – I’m delighted you liked it! And now I’m off to browse your blog… :o)

  19. Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by and likingone of my photos.
    I’ve been perusing your photos too and very much enjoy your textured, weathered etc photos.
    All fabulous, by the way.
    Kind regards from Australia,

  20. Hi Mike🙂 Thanks for the follow ! I don’t tend to follow other blogs too much because when I do I want to see ALL the posts and I would stay all day long in front of my computer… So instead I prefer to come and visit when I have time. You have beautiful photos, I’m looking forward to see your future posts !

  21. Thanks for stopping by PrideinPhotos today. I adore some of your photos,Keep up the good work. Lovin your sense of humor! Your keepin it real…very hard to find in todays politcally correct society.

  22. Hey Mike, I nominated you . . . nah, just kidding. Like you, I’m not into that sort of thing, happy to just do my thing.

    You have a nice blog here, and some very nice photos (another thing we share . . . no people pictures).

    Just wanted to say thanks, and I’ll stop by occasionally to see what you are up to. Besides, still have a lot to look through.

    • Well, you had me groaning with your first sentence. I do have the occasional people picture and once did studio portraiture. I’ll still stop dead in my tracks when I spot an interesting face (usually a woman). Thanks for this comment, my blogging friend.

  23. I hope you checked it out before following my blog. I have diverse stuff, and even friends don’t like everything I do (they gloss over my opinions on religion, politics, and life in general).

    That said, if you’re sure, thanks. I planned on subscribing to yours all along, so don’t think it’s because you followed mine. In the words of Billy Mac, “That’s not me Mike” (he actually said Michael, but it’s close enough).

  24. I got a notification saying that you liked on of my posts so I went to your blog and goodness the photos are so wonderful. My dad was born and raised in Colorado and it’s actually my favorite place to visit–basically, this blog makes me a happy person.
    Thank you so much,

  25. Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by Onelifethislife and liking my post “What A Lovely Day”. I will be back to view your blog as well. Until then I look forward to seeing your work. By the way, I love your About Me page.

  26. Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by my Snap52 blog and liking my post😉 I loved looking through your photos as it brought smiles to my face seeing familiar places. I recently moved to Iowa from Denver, so it was nice to see some things/places I loved. Looking forward to seeing more!

  27. Mike, in all honesty, I genuinely love your blog. No children here. It is the most intuitive I have come across since I became a blogger myself. It mirrors many of my own musings of life. By the way, other bloggers who have responded to your blog also appear to hold many of the same views. I guess that tells you something. I will look forward to all your future blogs.

    • Hell, I just realized I never responded to your very generous comment. I like that you see me as intuitive because that is how I see me too. Validation! Thanks so much.

  28. Thanks for “liking” My Dog is a Super Model on The Beauty Circle. Nice digs! I love your blog descriptions and will definitely be reading more.

  29. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m so happy I found yours, because (a) I too have a ‘thing’ for old, abandoned, dilapidated stuff (in my case, I used to photograph remnants of signs on buildings that left ‘shadows’); (b) I love being in nature and by the water (I guess living in Bali these days speaks for itself); (c) I know a thing or two about loss/near death experiences; and (d) I love dogs, ergo I would be thrilled to dogsit your pooch Pumpkin next time you and Judy are off on vacation (as long as you want to pay to ship her here!)

    Thnx for your photos and insightful words…


    • I will be spending more time with your blog. Bali, huh. Poor girl. I can’t even imagine how nice that is. I have friends in Indonesia that would meet me in Bali.
      Pumpkin says she would love to meet you but would prefer it be here. Nice offer, great comment, THANK YOU!

  30. Hi Mike,
    Many thanks for taking a look at my blog & for the follow. Your blog is full of very thought provoking pictures. I will definitely back for a look. Thank you so much.

  31. What a pleasure to peruse your blog. I appreciate you willingness to confront life’s difficult issues as well as the good times. I enjoy your poetry and your thoughts.Thank you for visiting my blog, as well. You’re an encourager.

  32. Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for your visit and like! I smiled when I read your “about” and love your photo and congrats on 41 years of marriage; my hubby and I just celebrated 23! I’m going to follow and look forward to visiting you more! Take care, Lauren

  33. Hi,
    Recently http://elladeewords.wordpress.com was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Pete Denton – Writer http://petedenton.wordpress.com.
    I have posted the award details at http://elladeewords.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/the-versatile-blogger-award-7-things-about-elladee/.
    The rules for accepting this award are as follows:
    1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post.
    2. Share 7 things about yourself.
    3. Pass this award along 15 or 20 bloggers you read & admire.
    4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.
    Your blog is amongst the 20 that amuse & inspire me I nominated as my part in fulfilling rule 3. If you feel so inclined, please accept from me the Versatile Blogger Award, and my congratulations for great blogging, and pass it on to others also deserving.

    Best regards,

  34. Hej from Sweden !

    Thanks for liking my most recent post; “Maternity Watch & Milk Stand Training”. It’s just a part of my life here at Gullringstorp that I wanted to share. If you never had goats you might not be aware of the process to get your ladies ready for the milk stand. this is not the first post that you liked of mine. So glad to be bringing pleasure through my Swedish countryside experiences.
    Please come again!

    • I had a few Nubian goats that were pets but never got involved with anything commercial. Yes I love goats and I like you blog quite a bit. Thank you Mike

      • Hej from Sweden !
        I love the look of Nubians and their temperament. The ones I had great pleasure to know personally, were calm and lovely. Why did you stop having your goats? I don’t want to think of my goat adventures as commercial, but I do use their milk for a good purpose and hope to launch a new business quite soon. I want to think of my new business as a cottage industry and hope never to become very commercial. Welcome back anytime and i hope you continue to enjoy.

      • We were very young when we had our goats and after a fashion we moved to a home where we could not bring them. So I live vicariously thru your goats.

  35. HI Mike
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post about Ganesh.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts and will certainly keep an eye on what you are up to.
    Dorinda (lakesideindia)

  36. Hi, thanks for liking my recent post!
    I just had a quick look through your home page. Your photos really capture what you write to match. Well done! That’s not easily done

    • No worries, and you are not intruding and I welcome the discussion. I have a bad back, but no surgery to date. Where did I mention multiple surgical procedures??

  37. I must be hallucinating…….I was sure that you had made such a mention but in rereading everything, I realize I’m “away with the fairies”, apparently………………… I thought it was in reference to being nominated for whatever and having to go through the all the hoops. I’m really sorry.

    • No worries, I think it is kind of funny and I am glad to report that I never declined anything due to poor health. We may speculate about my mental health however.
      If you are hallucinating, put some music on🙂

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  39. Mike, the more I poke around your blog, the more I like what I see and read. Your wife and family are blessed to have you in their lives. ~Mona

  40. Love your blog Mike. I love how it has so many different sections, all of which I thought were really interesting. Thanks for taking the time to look at mine. I’m going to share yours with my friends!

    Rachel x

  41. Thank you Mike for taking the time to visit my Site and viewing my arranged photo. I’ve spent the last hour reading and viewing your site and I enjoyed all the stores and the photos. Maybe we could chat some time. My email is: jamesbrya39@yahoo.com We have a motor home and spend most of our time traveling around the USA.

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  43. Man – it’s taken me 15 minutes just scrolling through comments to get here – you’re obviously a popular guy. Now I will go explore your actual blog to discover why. Oh! and mucho gracias for your visit to art rat cafe…

  44. Thanks for stopping by my site. I have been reading some of your blogs (in the ‘Horror & Tragedy’ section) and find them incredibly poignant and well-written. I am now an avid follower of your site!

  45. Mike, because I enjoy and admire your blog so much, I have nominated you for the ABC Award.
http://avian101.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/abc-award/ ‎. In order to accept this award, you must comply with the two rules. Then you may place the Award logo on your site. Please do not feel any pressure to accept this award, I understand if you do not wish to participate. But know your site is appreciated, and your blogging is interesting, your photos are beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts! Have a great day! H.J.

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  47. Hi Mike,

    Hey, we almost have the same name! I like your photos a lot and am looking forward to seeing more.

  48. Hey Mike –
    Appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving a thumbs up! Think I can borrow your bio? Seems we have the same outlook and insights. Except for the 63 part – still got 2 years to go. And the retirement – ain’t gonna happen…🙂

    Love your photography – reminds me I have to try my hand at b/w a bit more…

    Thanks again!

    – Jeff

    • Hey Jeff. I would still be working if I had something to do. My career ended at 58 when I had a very bad work experience, and then discovered that I was sick to death of all the bullshit anyway.
      I appreciate the comment.

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  50. Hi Mike!
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post “Half Moon Bay.”
    Judging by your excellent photos, I’d say we notice (and are intrigued by) many of the same things.
    Here’s to never ceasing to be amazed/amused/gobsmacked!

  51. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Photography and writing are two of my biggest passions. So many blogers excel at one or the other, but you do both very well.

    Thank you!

    RPRT Photo

    • Well that is a really great thing for you to say. I mean you didn’t have to take the time to say that, and you did. It means a lot to me, thanks so much.

  52. Hi Mike, I understand you’re not a big fan of awards but all the same I would like to give you the Genuine Blogger Award (feel free to ignore it, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ on my blog) http://lornastearoomdelights.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/more-gongs/ I haven’t followed the rules, but in the unlikely event of you wanting to do something about this you can find them here: http://megtraveling.com/2012/04/01/the-sunshine-and-genuine-blogger-awards/

    • You are lucky to have old barns as special to you. They are, or should be, images that are strong and beautiful. If they hold animals they would have a loving component too. Thank you!

  53. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for liking my blog post. I have enjoyed getting the chance to look around your blog. You have a frank and honest writing style, and interesting stories to tell. Thanks for sharing them.

  54. Hi! I nominated you for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. I was moved to do so because I am delighted whenever I see an email from you in my in-box. You can read about the award at http://elladeewords.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/a-community-garden-and-abc-awards/ .
    Accepting awards to enable you to nominate other worthy recipients isn’t for the faint hearted or time poor, so please accept if you choose and there’s no timeframe on responding, or obligation to do so if it’s not right for you.
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you for liking my blog enough to nominate me. I’m not particularly faint, but I do prefer to stay away from these awards, which is not intended to diminish how much I appreciate you doing this.

  55. hello.. just wanted to thank you very much for following The Dappled Path.. your blog is a favorite of mine.

  56. Hi Mike and thanks for stopping by my blog. I am awe-struck by your photos. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for giving me something to aspire to. ~ Mardee

  57. You’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award!

    Here are the steps for the award:

    Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
    List 7 random facts about yourself
    Award 15 other bloggers this award

  58. Mike, Your photo’s and stories are just beautiful. One of the first posts I came across of yours was Three Minute Conversation it was a beautiful story and I was hooked. I also look forward to Haiku Wednesday! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Looking forward to your next post.

    Should you choose to accept the award, here is the link:

  59. Hello, Mike!
    Thank you for visiting Hai-choo! I’m glad you enjoyed my creative sneeze “003”🙂 I think your haiku Wednesdays are a lovely idea. My goal is one a day, and I find it difficult to limit myself! I’ll have to explore the rest of your blog. My impression so far is that you have a brilliant balance of melancholy and effervescent happiness in your work. It is wonderful and refreshing, and I look forward to more!

  60. Thanks for the like. You have a great blog. I think you have seen and experienced much and have a very practical approach towards life…. but may be still in search of that something.. those unanswered questions. Some true and humble thoughts and life shaking experiences. Read through some of them…. Keep writing🙂

  61. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I’m definitely affected by your writing and description of your lifes challenges. My husband experienced similar things in his growing up years as well… I’m now following and look forward to checking in on your site frequently. Thank you again. Best, Donna

      • Thank you! I love Colorado – (my sister in law and her family live just outside of Denver, I’ve been out there a few times. Love it!)

      • Yeah, I lived in the Denver area for 26 years and now live in Northern Colorado. My son lives in Denver. I don’t know where on the east coast you are but I grew up in New York. I looked at some more of your blog and I really do like the feel of it. The blogging experience has been kind of life altering for me and I welcome you as part of my cyber community. I will buy you a cyber beer, or coffee if you prefer.

      • If cyber wine is available I’ll take that! I live in Westfield MA which is a few towns over from Springfield. The June 1, 2011 tornado here actually started and touched down first in Westfield. Stupidly, I was out on my deck pointing and going “Oh Look! A funnel cloud!” Dumbest.Move.EVER. I’ve found blogging to be life altering as well. So much love, support and goodwill here! So glad to have made a new friend! Hugs! D.

      • Wine is available, I’ll grab 2 glasses. I would have been on your deck trying to take photos and challenging nature.
        Have a great weekend Donna.

      • I don’t particularly like people, and I work in a corporate environment, so I have to watch what comes out of my mouth quite a bit. I’m getting pretty good at it, but occasionally I slip up. I only work so I can pay the bills and finance my vacations and camera gear purchases.

      • And my career ending job was in a similar environment and one day I got tired of being careful and it was bye bye for me.

      • Yeah, it sure took me a long freakin time…I’d rather shoot, look at or edit pictures. I really do enjoy your photos more than most. One can always tell someone that brings film experience with them to the digital table.

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  63. Good Lord! I got a blister scrolling down to this box! Then I laughed when I read the last comment giving you the One Lovely Bog award! Well, hell, I just gave you one too. For what it’s worth, the link is on my little blog in case anybody in the WP world hasn’t seen your really fine work. I just wanted to link to one of the best blogs here. Your combination of creative and professional photography and your sharing of yourself in your poetry and essays is remarkable. I truly do enjoy it. George

    • So very nice George. One day I will write about what this blogging experience has meant to me and in how many ways I am touched by it. Your generous and thoughtful comment is a perfect example of the warm cyber home I have here. Thank you.

  64. Hi Mike,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for several months now. FYI, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, for what it’s worth. If nothing else, at least a few of my readers will get turned on to your wonderful site. Thanks for all the great images, stories, poems, etc!

    RPRT Photo

  65. Mike – yep – new to Greeley! A transplant from FL. I don’t do coffee – yuck! I just got my business cards today and am trying to get it off the ground here. I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but we should start a Photography Meet-Up group! Is this something you’d be interested in? There is a girl that goes to NCU that also has a blog and lives in Greeley. I had belonged to a group up (I mean down) in FL and had researched them around here prior to moving. I think Evans may have one, but nothing here. Just pondering….

    • p.s. I love your work on here! It looks a lot like stuff I do. I’m dying to find old places like barns, etc. to do portrait work at. Something that wouldn’t be illegally traspassing! lol

      • Thank you Carol. I trespass too frequently and only recently was on some property that I’m pretty sure was a meth lab. A big convict looking dude came out and made it very clear that I need to leave. That day there was a reasonable chance I was going to be killed.

  66. I was so excited to see your blog. I lived in Wyoming for many years and in my heart I call it home. I just loved looking at all of your pictures and can’t wait to see more of them. You capture Wyoming so perfectly!🙂

  67. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog…enjoyed perusing your photos! We have a lot of photo-commonality….rusty, old cars, dilapidated buildings, etc…they all tell a story of perseverance. Will look forward to more posts!

  68. Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  69. I enjoy your ability to see beauty everywhere. Thank you for following my blog. Time seems to be compressed lately. I awake today feeling so grateful for my life and all its’ blessings so I decided to start thanking people. Blog-pals are important to me.

  70. Thanks for visiting my blog so many times. I have appreciated seeing your “likes” pop up. I finally got around to checking you out and am so glad I did. I think we can become blog-friends. I really liked you Three Minute Conversation post. As my husband and I are loosing friends, we have come to treasure our minutes together. We know what we have and we don’t want to lose it. I’m so glad you have the courage to share your life stories and I look forward to reading more.

  71. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and pointing me to yours.
    I read in an earlier reply you are celebrating with “German beer and sausages”. You are not by any chance German?

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      • ah theres always a reason things happen .. at just the right time .. i’m glad it arrived when it did and not when it was sposed to then🙂 bright blessings🙂

    • I am a proud liberal so I am thrilled that enough working class Americans were motivated enough to do the right thing and try to move us forward, instead of going back to the past. I am about change and progress and bravery. I want all of us to have access to healthcare and education. I am very happy today.

  73. I liked the way you described yourself. I feel you r a very creative person
    Thanks for visiting my blog, be in touch with my blog.

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  76. Hi Mike, thanks for liking my latest post. Now I’m introduced to your work, and I like it right away — starting with the photo of the line-up of doors at the top of your page. A lot, a lot of character.

  77. Hey Mike, I’m Scott. Enjoying your writing and photos. Pumpkin is beautiful! I look forward to seeing of your work. Take care.

    • Mona, while I really do appreciate the intent and sentiment, I don’t do these awards for a variety of reasons. But thank you very much indeed.

      • Mike, I completely understand. I’ve received numerous “nominations” and have felt guilty about not following up. Your comment validates my thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much.

  78. You know, I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before on but immediately after looking at some of the material I figured out that it’s new for me.
    Still, I’m going to bookmark this blog and begin following it regularly.

    • Well that is a sweet thing to say. I like your photos too. Freezing time, writing with light, interpreting life. Let’s grab it while we got it.

  79. Mike, thanks for coming over and checking out what I now feel is my very humble blog and liking the post ‘Church Lines’, it really is appreciated. I have just spent the last few minutes taking a tour of your site and have to admit to being mightily impressed – hopefully one day mine might look a bit like this, but for now I think it is just trying to find its own path. I really like your black and white building pictures, they really stand out and the words you put to the pictures seem effortless, it is a pleasure to read. I guess that is a rather long thanks for coming over, but I like your blog! MM 🍀

  80. Hi Mike, lots of great shots on your site. I wonder if you would be interested in having a photo featured on our blog? Take a look and let me know- thanks!

  81. Hello, Mike. I’d like to make a suggestion about your subtitle, “A personal blog communicating issues around life….” The phrase “issues around” has indeed crept into the language, but I find it unnecessary, and I see it as part of a harmful trend in which people deprive a word of some of its meaning and then feel the need to prop up the weakened word with extra words. Life is life, and it inherently includes “issues around” it. To my mind, your subtitle would be more direct and therefore more forceful as:

    “A personal blog about life, including horrific loss and overwhelming joy, and many things in between.”

    (Notice that I also left out the word “communicating” because a blog by its nature is a type of communication.)

  82. Great old part of the country to take photos in and around. Can’t find any mention of where you live but reminds me a lot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado. Time left them untouched, but I haven’t been there since I worked a Brahma bull ranch in 1973 just south of Westcliffe. I was a lot younger in the saddle back then but alway surprised that those old towns and line shacks were always undisturbed. I was raised in Chicago where nothing was sacred. Left that place a year later and been in Wisconsin ever since, safer, poorer, wiser?

    • Hi Charly. I live in Northern Colorado, 50 miles north of Denver. I too was in Colorado in 1973, having moved here the year before. And quite by coincidence I was also a lot younger back then.
      Yes, there are some great old things to shoot here but not as many as there might be back east where the land was settled earlier before the white man moved west and and wrecked our native American population.
      Thanks for the follow and the contact. Always good to make contact with a fellow human.

  83. Hupp! Just came across your little corner – through freshly pressed I think, and was very happy to have found it.

    I too knew someone called Hay zooz, and I worked with him on various film projects (he drove a winnebago in Miami) One day he sent me a text. It read “I will be 30 minutes late” – Jesus.

    Oh dear, I thought, I need a lie down.

    Nice story.

  84. Just happened to run into your blog. You have got a beautiful blog running here. Loved some of your write-ups. Its very subtle . Your vision and thoughts are indeed a revelation. I guess I will be hanging around here a lot.🙂 Great work.

  85. Hi Mike, I enjoyed looking around your site today. I was inspired by one of your photos and was wondering if I could use it to create some artwork. Keep up the great work.

  86. Pingback: A Personal Thank You to The Very Inspiring Bloggers in My Life | Janthina Images - Photo Journal

  87. Hi Mike,
    I am a British photography student am currently studying your work as part of my project, the title “Earth, Air, Fire and Water”, I have chosen to look at erosion. I was just going to ask a few questions regarding you and your work.
    What is it about decay that interests you (reference, Dead box, last elegance, lost, pastel building, shipwreck and winters door)?
    What or who inspires your work?
    What do you want to achieve from the photos that you take?
    What equipment/ software have you used to take and edit the photographs?

    Many Thanks


  88. Hi Mike,

    I wanted to let you know that I think you have a fab blog and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Should you wish to accept this award, please come check out my post at:
    – copy the versatile blogger icon from this post so you can insert this into your acceptance post.
    – choose 7 random facts about yourself you wish to share.
    – select 10 favourite blogs you wish to nominate for the award.
    – tell your bloggers you have nominated them for the award and add a link

    Please link back to my blog in your post, so I can check out your acceptance speech.🙂


  89. Hi Mike! Thanks for liking my photograph for the “Streets” prompt. I’m glad I discovered your blog now. I love your photography so I’m following you. Maybe I’ll learn something.

  90. A pleasure to have discovered this site! Although it was you who read my post that led me here. I really enjoyed looking through your photographs Mike, I too have a fascination for older structures, history and “cultural landscapes” aka old roads. I’m looking forward to following you.

  91. Hey Mike, thank you for reading my Haiku. I’m so glad you like it. Your words are very inspirational for someone like me, who is, ever – so – slowly, breaking out of her shell, to mingle in the writing world. But, tempus fugit, me thinks I’d best get the lead out! Thanks again.

    • Haiku is such a great and simple process for expression. It’s when some of us try to tackle too large a writing project we get bogged down.

      to talk with shelly
      who seems open and honest
      simply my pleasure

  92. Hi Mike.
    You liked my photo View from Herodium within seconds of me posting it and then decided to follow my blog. I think you’ll find it different, Israel is different than America and though there are lots of photographs it’s not a photo blog but more of a travel blog with archaeology and other stuff thrown in. I really like your header photo. You have captured some very nice scenes in your photos. We’re contemporaries and I have a 7 year old Golden called Sumsum.

    • Nice. And I could walk off a plane and be a citizen of Israel, by birth, Or so I’m told. Ill look forward to your posts, Shmuel, and a kiss for Sumsum.

  93. “Thirsting for meaning” still?🙂
    Camus said that you will never be happy if you search for meaning.
    Another way to put it is that freedom is an illusion the search for freedom isn’t.🙂
    (Can’t remember who said that)😦
    Like your blog. Will come back.🙂
    Take care

  94. Thanks for the LIKE on my post “Sentinels”. Your photography is fantastic! I especially love your barn pictures. Keep up the great work. Following…

  95. Thanks for popping in on Artsyberger. I’ve been resisting uploading too many dog photos, but after viewing Pumpkin’s portrait gallery, I’m going to go hog wild with my two!

  96. Hey Mike, do you remember our small chat about our Brownsville starts in two different countries? I’ve been following a very inspiring story within your Brownsville in the last few days via the HONY website (Humans of New York). There is a school there that just got amazing support thanks to a single photo with the subject’s comment.

    Oh yeah, pictures may speak a thousand words, but they can inspire millions more.

    • Thanks for remembering that Robyn. I was just reading up on that article and there are some good things happening but it remains a very difficult place. Still, some beautiful people.

  97. Thank you for visiting my site today, Mike (Reflections on Halcyon Pond). I’m glad you like Jardin Majorelle Blues. Your site is so “full” and so sincere. Thank you for leading me here.
    Oh, and your banner photo is gorgeous.

  98. I am not yet retired, but I can relate to the other characteristics you listed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I poked around yours for a bit – I like the dog! Have a great day!

  99. Thanks for taking the time to like my post. As a beginner to blogging and photography each visitor is a boost in confidence. I like the shots on your blog. Following!

  100. Hi MIke, I was looking for a nice country looking photo for the front of my CD (barn and hoping to find an old oliver tractor – i.e. grew up next to a farm and one of their old tractors was an oliver). Anyway, I ran across your wonderful photos. I really would love to use the one with the barn and tractor ollie from your trip thru Northern Colorado. How could I get permission and/or do I have to pay anything for use of photo and/or provide credit for photo etc? Would also gladly provide you with CD when it is completed (being mastered now so I am looking for artwork). Want to know how I can use that photo? It is wonderful. Thanks, -Gary Americana singer-songwriter facebook.com/gjhoffmanmusic reverbnation.com/gjhoffman

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