R&R Well & Pump

Found on some farm land is this magnificent old work truck…

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

After some careful examination, I can decipher that the door once had R&R Well & Pump written on it. This angle allows us to see all of the bizarre looking equipment, as well as the rust. R&R is still in business in my home town.

The same image in B&W with a different angle has a dramatic feel.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

If you have an interest in some really fine photography, check out Michael Glover’s blog at Justshoot.me

Playboy Club

This is the original Playboy Club……© 2012 Michael Fiveson

This small shed once housed the first club in America. A group of small town fellows who enjoyed beer to excess would gather here and discuss prospective conquests. Unfortunately, none ever occurred, but it was great fun to imagine themselves as playboys and lovers extraordinaire.

My Pumpkin Love

Sweet Pumpkin sits with me on spring grass in the backyard…© 2012  Michael Fiveson

I love everything about her starting with her gentle playful spirit. She is sweet beyond words and look how pretty my girl is. What she has given me is patience, appreciation, and devotion.


My New Best Friend

While riding through the countryside in search of images to feed my insatiable WordPress hunger, I came upon these two in an open field.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Like an overgrown adult child I stood 30 yards from them and made ridiculous noises in an attempt to get them to at least turn around and look at me. After 15 minutes of sounding like an idiot, the paint horse finally began to turn around some. The next thing I know, they are both approaching me rapidly.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

I was completely stunned at how beautiful the paint horse was and he made his affections known by posing, nudging, and letting me touch his pretty face.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

My best guess is that after listening to me making those silly noises, they decided that I probably would not shut up unless they came to see me. After a good 15 minutes of snuggling we all agreed that we should probably get on with our day and said an emotional goodbye.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

The much larger brown horse stood back a few feet and watched as I bonded with our friend the paint. I think I will have to make a return visit and see if this beauty remembers me. I then proceeded to get on my own horse and continue my travels to feed my WordPress hunger.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson