Three More Friends

When I walked up to the fence these three all converged to come say hello. The big beauty on the right had a head as big as a house but was friendly enough for a good quick rub. I am wondering if I am not looking at a family portrait with the foal being in the middle.

3 friendsIn short order the white horse was the only one who wanted to hang out with me and was quickly comfortable enough to let me rub his face and touch his strong head.

sweet horseDo horses know that whatever pleasure I might give they return ten times over? There is something so nourishing about being in their presence, and I am filled with childlike joy.

white horseĀ© 2012 Michael Fiveson

49 thoughts on “Three More Friends

  1. I was gonna ask if any of these were Mr Ed. but then I figured the answer would be “neigh”. šŸ™‚ Nice shots Mike. Especially like the last one.


    • I have seen that old donkey again but only to introduce my wife. He is still alive and still Quasimodo like. Yes, thank you for validating my thought process as to dividends paid back by a horse. I appreciate hearing from you.


  2. Mike, you and my wife would have a ball together. She’s like a little girl whenever she sees horses. We have been lucky to run into some wild horses several times and, if you’re ever down this way, we’ll take you there.


    • I have seen one of your magnificent images of wild horses and will never forget it. I’d love to make that trip happen, let’s keep it in mind.
      Paul, in your great family photo there was one tall woman back row, right side. She is your daughter? A model? Stunning.


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