Built in 1895

Long since abandoned, I happened upon this country home found on a farmer’s property.The owner is a man in his late 70’s who allowed me to tour this great old home. He tells me that it was built the same year his father was born.

Jerry told me not to venture too far inside because it was “full of junk.” It is always a treat when I get to talk to the owner and can move about without fearing a shotgun.

This old beauty housed a variety of farm families over the years, and Jerry told me he recently ran into one in town. The helper remembered Jerry who must have treated his hands in a decent manner.

I managed to grab a few interior shots from the doorway, and cropped to exclude the floor which was indeed full of junk. I tried not to breathe much as I fear the hanta virus.

I do like the colors in these old homes which tend to have a pastel quality.

This was found right off the front porch and is proof of life and experience for one family.

I love this old chimney.

View from the back side.

Side view including part of back porch. A great old home full of history.

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