19 thoughts on “Autumn Sumac

  1. The fall colors have arrived here too. Traditional golden yellow for the cottonwoods and elms. The reds and oranges show up where people have planted those kind of trees. Has the smoke slowed down any?

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    • Today is a terrible smoke day. Had to cut our morning walk short due to air quality and it has been quite dark all day with ash in the air.
      I just set up my post for Sunday which is one of the nicer images, me thinks.


    • Off kilter and then some. I am close enough to the wildfire in Northern Colorado that it is unsafe to be outside for too long because of poor air quality and it rains ash from time to time. Today is one of those times. What a year. Thanks for this comment and I hope you are well, Judy.


      • My brothers lives in California and while not right next to their fires, he says the air quality is affected and the sky has an eerie glow. Guess mask wearing serves more than one purpose out there.


      • The only thing I can recall that might be similar was when we lived in the Philipines on Clark Field Base. It was a bit of a valley and when they burned the banana trees after a crop large flakes of ash would drift down onto the base from that. We weren’t there when Pinatubo blew so I guess that was ash to the max.

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