The Apple Eater

I had an apple to share with these two who finally decided to come over and see.

This guy was the hungry and gummy one who took pieces right out of my hand. Now known as the apple eater, I’ll see him again.


Black Eyed Susans (three images)

About eighteen months ago I won a pack of seeds from my generous and very talented blogging friend,  Adrienne Morris.

black eyed susans

Adrienne is a gifted author who also manages a farm and family. I would encourage you to check out her novels and blog.

black eyed susan

This is the second year the flowers are up and they apparently spent the winter multiplying. They are abundant and gorgeous. Thanks Adrienne!

four susans


Two Odd Beauties (6 photos)

As Judy and I were traveling a country road, I drove past two of the most unusual looking animals I have ever seen. A quick U-turn brought me back, but by then they had retreated to the back of the property. As I waited, they saw me and started to move in my direction.slow walk At first they walked slowly but it was clear they were coming to say hello…

moving alongThey looked like small donkeys or burrows with psychedelic markings …..

cutest pair everBy now there were two large Chow dogs at the fence barking at me, so I stood back…..

I love them They picked up their pace and were about to be at the fence to say hello. I was excited…

here at lastRegrettably, the dogs kept me at bay or I would have put my hands all over these two…

looking sillyAs I said goodbye they responded by shaking their pretty heads and acting silly. It was great meeting them and I now know where they live. Next time they get treats.

© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Sleepy Pumpkin

sleepy pumpkin                                                  © 2012 Michael Fiveson

When it’s 20 degrees (F) outside why not find a ray of sunshine inside, thought my clever Pumpkin. She went back to sleep as soon as I was done. Silly daddy!