Little Leaning House

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

This little leaning house on the prairie sits long vacant and with great pride. As it leans and twists, it refuses to yield, and the struggle for existence leaves this beautiful shell.  My best guess is that this was used by a ranch hand who may have had his family with him.

39 thoughts on “Little Leaning House

  1. I’ve got the Little House on the Prairie theme tune going round my head now. What a beautiful little twisting structure. There was a wonderful old wooden building like this used as a general store in the south-west of Scotland years ago, it became quite an icon, but sadly it is no more. Pictures still exist though, and happy memories from my youth of going to see it and finding it fascinating. Wood is an amazing material.


    • Too bad Melissa Gilbert had to grow up. I’m sure your general store was declared unsafe, if it was old and twisted. Nice memory to have however. I think you had a nice childhood.


      • I think you’re right, it was demolished in 2001, I would guess for health and safety reasons. I was very lucky to have a nice childhood, for which I am eternally grateful to my dear parents.


  2. That might not survive the next storm. Reminds me of a line from a children’s story where the wolf says: “I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down’.


      • hahaha, I figured after a heavy rainfall the wood would get soggy and then with some strong wind that thing would be flat on the ground. I guess its will power is quite strong 🙂


      • I am thinking that back in the day they probably built these homes to last. I suspect the timber was good as well as the craftsmanship. Kind of like the big strong chrome cars of the 1950’s which are all still in service in Cuba.


      • I wish we had lots of decrepit buildings around here, but even with the Great Recession there just aren’t any bad buildings here. The best I’ve found is one on the Barona Indian Reservation (have to have Tribal Council’s permission to take pictures of it) and one in a residential area that was surrounded by several acres and a fence so I couldn’t get to it either.


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