15 thoughts on “Bird Launch

  1. The Platte always makes me think of the saying: “too thick to drink, too thin to plow” (not to be confused with ‘Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow’) 😉


      • Apparently I’ve been hanging around with too many old-time codgers. The first phrase was coined by pioneers coming across in the wagon trains because the Platte was so shallow and spread out. The second one, I believe, was part of the lyrics to an old song and my old brain kept coming up with it instead of the one (the first one) I was trying to recall.


      • I think language is fascinating and there is much to be gleaned from old phrases. The Platte is shallow and spread out. You remember the series Centennial? That was filmed not far from here. Clay Basket was one of the characters….


      • It’s been so long since I watched Centennial that I only vaguely remember any of it. (Except that it was long.) But I agree… I love language and especially old-time sayings. Seemed like those were always so pithy.


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