26 thoughts on “Silo

    • Nice description. It is large and impressive as well. Many features on it that appear to be made up as they went. Kind of thrown together in a functional free wheeling way.
      Thank you.


    • I live in a rural area, although my town is a college town. There are some photos to be had but I worry if I didn’t take them all this summer.
      And thank you Marion.


  1. Beautiful photo. I believe that is more commonly called a grain elevator, or simply an elevator, at least that’s the case in MT and MN where I’ve lived. Silos are the tall cylindrical shaped grain storage, looking like an 18 oz. beer can.


    • Good distinction. I fear that my upbringing in New York City combined with senility renders me at a great disadvantage in trying describe things of a rural nature. And thank you for the comment Kathy.


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