Pumpkin Chillin’

Come to think of it, she chills quite a bit.Pumpkin is a very happy dog but when we go away in the motorhome she is always content and especially mellow. Here I was a bit lazy with my photo as she was sitting below the dining room table and I just shot from there, instead of getting much lower as I usually do. I think she matches the rug, floor, and wood cabinets nicely. I adore her.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

15 thoughts on “Pumpkin Chillin’

  1. She does not seem to mind that that was as low as you’d go. She is a lovely girl and if contentment had a face, that is it. Happy and safe travels!


  2. Pumpkin looks kind of sexy in this photo! Her eyes have a “come hither” look and that beautiful hind leg just hanging about looks as if she’s trying to tempt. LOL I hope you give her a luxurious brushing from time to time? She’s a real beauty, Mike.


    • She is a beauty and Judy does the brushing, truth be told. What I do is allow her (Pumpkin) to lick me all she wants which is all the time. If I was her I’d lick me too.


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