North Dakota

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

As if in eternal rest, a pastel shell of a car sits in a Colorado junkyard with a seemingly endless field behind it. Perhaps this beauty looks so comfortable because it came from the open plains, where it carried a happy and loving family on many adventures. Its work long since completed, it sits and reflects, aging with grace and beauty.

42 thoughts on “North Dakota

    • I got out of the Navy in 72, moved to Colorado and worked for a year to establish residency. Then I went to college and that is what I was doing in 74. Young, with no concept that it would all go so fast.


  1. This is a great shot, beautiful colors and composition. I can just hear them all singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall in the back seat and the parents teeth nashing as they drive that endless plain hoping the car does not break down, are we there yet?…. sorry, my house is wrapped in plastic indefinitely, having a rough day 😉


  2. Love this photo. Very different from what you normally do with older structures, but in a way vey similar also. Nonetheless, I think it’s one of your best, thanks for sharing! –Nels


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