Abandoned Blue House

It is not hard to imagine how beautiful this old home once was…It still is.The families that lived there….are they still around, possibly living in a community near by. What must it be like for them, to reminisce about the home their parents lost…

I hope there was love and laughter in this home, and that the children were well cared for.

We can only speculate about what might have been, and the loss felt when it all ended.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson


45 thoughts on “Abandoned Blue House

  1. Is is sad to see such a beautiful home in such a state. Too many houses are taken away from families by banks and then just left to rot if the bank can’t find a buyer, even at prices the family that lost the home would have been able to afford. It’s criminal and that’s a word that’s not used enough when talking about what banks get up to.


    • Agreed. Seems it would be in everyone’s interest if some arrangement could be worked out to allow families in well documented distress to remain, at discounted rates, even if just temporarily until circumstances changed.
      Have a fun weekend Chill.


  2. True blue. First words that came to my head.
    It baffles me how truly worthy homes are abandoned and left to die. This is a lovely example.


      • Yep, all that and a good measure of anesthetized as
        well. Clueless, hapless, hopeless, horrified and even Herculean. Ridiculous, reprehensible, rotten, reamed, and roped. Bizarre, brazen, buffooned, buffaloed, bested, and bedeviled.
        ooops, time for meds.


  3. I would love to hear the stories the original house had. The time before the rear section and the porch were added. The time were those nice wood framed windows were hand glazed in, by a craftsman not a jack of all trades, and the sun warmed the inside for the first time. Great pictures Mike!


  4. I am a Realtor and am dealing with foreclosures every day. The banks are NOT helping us at all. They were willing to take a handout from the government but have not learned anything from the mess they plunged us into. We are all suffering because of them. In regards to your photo, the parents did not lose their home. It was stolen from them by a corporation who only looks out for their own bottom line. Whaw, ok, I’m done now. Sorry.


  5. I wonder if the people that owned this home were Czech or Polish? That particular shade of blue was popular in a town in Nebraska that I lived near. Either the whole house was that color blue, or the house was white with blue trim. Interesting find!


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