Two Sweet Horses

Proud and pretty, mama waits for her baby…

The baby is getting halter training and seems to be doing well…

Together they go grazing on sweet late summer Michigan grass, never far apart…

There is a joy being around horses that is hard to describe. Spiritual, peaceful, and very good for the soul. Look in a horse’s eye and one can feel power and trust.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

32 thoughts on “Two Sweet Horses

  1. Nice post. As I was out walking getting still more shots of Michigan fall color on this sunny morning, I was thinking that I need to get over and take some pictures of my friend’s horses. There is also a boarding farm down the road that I want to get to. Yesterday I saw she is boarding a pony. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. What beautiful horses and photos! I also enjoy the peaceful feeling of being in the presence of horses – they have a quiet confidence that is contagious. And thanks for sharing a piece of Michigan that many don’t know about.


    • I did see my donkey friend recently and he is pretty much the same, kind of spaced out, slow, but no worse then last we talked.
      Thanks, eh.


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