Nesting Robin

nesting robinWe have lived in this house for sixteen Springs, but only in the last two has a robin’s nest been built in the identical location, where a gutter downspout meets my home. Last year we had three baby birds, and perhaps the same parents have again nested. Joy!

(click image for enhanced view)

30 thoughts on “Nesting Robin

      • Oh, still fascinating. This morning on my walk as I got back home I tried to capture a couple of egrets looking for worms in the grass…In the shade of the house I spotted blue jays mating right there, my jaw dropped, I quickly tried to catch the shot…they ruffled their feathers and flew away before I could. 😦
        This is a fabulous photograph, Mike!


  1. For three years, robins nested on our deck, but they would attack us if we tried to come outside. So we encouraged them in subsequent years to nest a little further from our back door. We had four perfect blue eggs and three baby birds. It was adorable πŸ™‚


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