Three Baby Birds

Many of you might remember a post I did a few weeks ago about a bird egg I found and put in a new Robin’s nest. That post can be found here. Since that time, all three eggs have incubated and I now have this…hungryThese are three hard to distinguish babies that only seem to be awake when either of the parents are there to feed them. This photo is close to a week old and this is today’s…..three peepersWhile there are three babies, and there were three eggs, I do not know for certain that the egg I found and placed is one of these little guys. The bird that is facing us on the far right appears to have more hair than the other two. I don’t know for sure, and they are difficult to photograph, but as time goes on I will see if I indeed saved a bird. How exciting!

maybe from white eggΒ© 2014 Michael Fiveson

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59 thoughts on “Three Baby Birds

  1. Aw, what cutie patooties!! It won’t take long and they’ll be little fledglings, spreading their wings. The beaks are often different, but I guess wait and see if you have an oddball in the nest. How cool to think mama and papa would have raised an orphan!


    • Yes, is is very cool and the parents don’t seem to mind at all that I climb a ladder to shoot their offspring. When I am leaving and carrying the ladder, one of them returns carrying a worm like thing and isn’t even 5 feet from me.


  2. This same thing occurred with us last year on our patio. A nest of hummingbirds. It really was exciting until they were old and strong enough to fly away. Then there really was a sense of loss.


    • Well thanks. Hopefully we are out of the area when they hop out of that nest. Pumpkin loves to eat baby birds. That would be a tragic end to a great story, having my beloved dog murder the little peepers.


  3. It is hard to distinguish kinds at this point, but it will be fun to figure it out as they grow. How awesome it is. I still see Baby Bano in the lilac trees, and I have seen not only his mom, but also what appears to be his sibling. Happy dance!


  4. How fantastic Mike! I can’t wait to see what kind of bird it is that you rescued. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was significantly different by the robins accepted it as one of their own?


    • Well, the egg was the same size, and the baby is as creaturely (I made that word up) as the other two. But yeah I’m jazzed to see what it is. We just had a tremendous rain and both robins were sitting in that nest to keep the babies dry. Really something to behold.


  5. Pumpkin eats baby birds?! I had to give my cat Theo a strongly worded talking-to about birds – and bunnies. He’s still allowed mice though… even if there’s still a part of me that has trouble with it.
    Very exciting to see nature at work. I don’t think I would have recognized those fuzzy balls as robins. Will be waiting anxiously for updates πŸ™‚


  6. A brilliant story Mike. The interesting thing was that the 3rd egg was white while the others were blue. Maybe the baby will be an albino! Looking forward to the next update to see how Number 3 is developing.


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