15 thoughts on “Vanishing Wheel

  1. superb capture Mike….funnily enough we have a similar one in our back garden – it is from a Gypsy (can you say that word in our politically correct world?) caravan and it was bought several years ago as a decoration to put plants around. But it has almost disintegrated now and it is in an overgrown area of the garden.


    • ‘Ello James (that is with an English accent.) Thanks. Yes these wheels must have been in great abundance at a point in time. The one I have is intact, except the wooden spokes have grown thin from exposure and maybe critters.


  2. Reblogged this on Community Ramblings and commented:
    Just one of the many forgotten items found when walking through the countryside. The skill of the wheelwright and blacksmith combined to create this and many other similar wheels. Man hours expended, a working life completed and now rotting away.


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