28 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. I always find these moments so wonderfully mystical. Brief appearance and one has to have the eye to see them before they quickly disappear and are not seen again, at least not as they were in that particular moment. Wonderful image, Mike.


    • And your generosity is always much appreciated Alex. The vase was bought at a flea market for $5 and is actually a really nice piece of glass. It was bought to honor my grandparents who had an orange vase in their hallway in Brooklyn for many decades.
      Thank you my friend.


  2. Reminds me of an ultrasound of a beating heart. One of those splendid photos you want to hang in a gallery and watch as people tilt their head from right to left, hand from chin to ear, and finally choke out, “Eureka, it’s a … !”


    • Very cool comment. Yes, in as much as there appears to be figures in this reflection, and in that way it is ultrasound like. I so appreciate the comment Charly.


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