Curious Friends

curious friendsRecently I happened upon a group of goats and a few lambs all living together. They did not know what to make of me, and I was confused by the lamb on the right with all that wool. At least the big guy wasn’t cold on this chilly day. Baaaaaa.

(click image for added detail)

39 thoughts on “Curious Friends

  1. Nativity scene set up…Goats, you need to amble in first; look curious. Sheep, you next. Just follow the goats, and baaa when you get to the manger. Cows, moo as you enter behind the sheep. Shepherds? Hey, where are the shepherds? Will someone please go get the shepherds?!


  2. You know why they didn’t know what to make of you Mike? They looked at your beard and thought ‘he’s an odd looking goat!’ And while I’m here a Very Merry Christmas to You! πŸ™‚


    • Well. there may be a measure of truth there. A guy who looks like me could probably live with a group of goats unmolested.
      And happy holidays to you, The Lady Jude.


  3. Kind of like the human species in that they’re all different yet curious about everything that’s unusual in their “sphere.” Great image, Mike! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous 2015.


  4. LOL, that’s so funny. It’s like you’re Brad Pitt and they’re gobsmacked that you’ve arrived at their little farm. My guess is that big wooly lamb on the right is faster on his feet than his mates and never met the man with the shearers yet πŸ˜€ He wants to keep his coat till the weather turns round. Run little lamb, run! (just a fanciful theory) x B


    • Brad Pitt, eh. Yes, I could have had my way with any sheep there, but I don’t do that anymore πŸ˜‰
      Keeping his coat is a brilliant idea, but he appears about 5 ft wide. I bet he doesn’t date much.


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