66 thoughts on “Foreboding

  1. Love this, and I found that sghadowy image….but shan’t tell. At the risk of increasing your hat size, you certainly are master of a deep, dark and forbidding image, Mike,… Anyway , after all that, have a great Christmas and an even better 2015 🙂


  2. Mike could Induldge me for just a minute thank you. I am besides myself because not one of my posts are able to show a picture on the front page of the reader button. You know it’s the one on the left hand side at the bottom where you just push the reader button and you get to scroll through your feed. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot buddy love your work.


  3. Snap! Did it storm after this photo was shot? I big-a-fied twice and gasped when I saw it. !! tsop a fo swodahs eht ni gnidih, reip eht no. 😉

    You had me looking for sharks though, because that’s what I always do when I go into the ocean. Such a water baby though, so I guess when my times up, if I have to be shark food, so be it LOL


    • kelly, it’s the oddest thing….I thought you started to talk in a foreign dialect. Wait, you did! It did not storm, it was actually a bright and sunny day.
      I am a water person too. Born not 1 mile from the Atlantic ocean, and have fished all my life.

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      • LOL, Yes to the odd thing, that could be me, but I’m rotten at foreign dialect. My answer is just typed backwards so I didn’t ruin it for other visitors to your fab photo tonight 😀

        Wow, how awesome to be born that near the ocean. I was just telling someone in a comment the other night that no matter how many times I see the ocean, it always takes my breath away.


      • Oh, I get it and you got it! Ding, ding! We have a winner and here is Mike to tell you what you won. Nothing! But you have earned Mike cyber dollars which are good for….nothing! Well done Boomdeekelly.
        Yes, I too am mesmerized by the ocean. Don’t get there often enough.


  4. Hi Mike! Just visiting a few blogs before dragging myself to bed. I must be tired … I don’t see a human shadowy image. I do see lots of shadows though and I really like this image. In fact, I’d like to be sitting out on that dock right now (well, sleeping on that dock right now)


    • You are hereby declared a co-winner and as such you have won a part of….nothing. Please try to just carry on with your life, as if this prize has not interfered.


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