31 thoughts on “Michigan Woods

  1. Unlike Kami, my blood pressure spiked! What is the idea of having a nice quiet, beautifully serene image paired with mention of a Chupacabra? That’s like a miniature alien vampire. With spikes. I will never go camping again! Which, come to think of it, I never want to anyway so now I have an excuse. All I have to do is show my wife the wikipedia link. Thank you! Oh, and beautiful spot for a Sunday walk. Or run, if you spot one of those guys!


    • My wife and I discussed what percentage of people might know what a chupacabra is. What’s your guess? I came in at 10 %, she at 8%.
      As to the pairing, yes, odd of me to do that, but I figure it might be a good place for them to hide. Don’t hate me.


      • Hate you? Why would I hate you? You’re about the only one I know of who is more sick and demented than I am- and I mean that in the nicest of ways!


      • Compliment received. I actually prefer ‘twisted’ to sick and demented, but it sounds like I am in good company.


  2. Great shot..I always find woods hard to photograph but you have done a superb shot with this one Mike. Lovely. And don’t worry about bears and other nasties – you have the K10D to protect you…


    • Somehow this comment got by me 40 months ago. Yes that K10 has already taken out 4 members of a motorcycle gang (at one time), a doberman pincher, a nun, and a door to door salesman.


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