55 thoughts on “Country Home

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  2. A sad ending to what was surely a bright beginning. Your lovely photograph reminds me that my body, too, is a house that will decay in time.


  3. Wonderful example of fine masonry… it was a fine place in it’s day. Thanks for the excellent photo, there are many tales told in looking close at the repairs and modifications it’s seen.


    • You would think so, eh. I suspect that this home, while beautiful and seemingly solid, became in time too expensive to maintain with a variety of foundation and structural issues.
      But one thing I do know is how much I don’t know, so I am merely speculating, as a gent is apt to do.
      You are up very early, my pretty. I do hope a Kat nap might be in order.


      • I am a chronic insomniac even with meds! (part of this damn helath condition). Your insights into the reasons for the house being abandoned make sense to me. It is such a shame when these buildings go to waste when there are so many homeless people in the world!


      • I think we should make rich folks with large homes take in a percentage of homeless people, depending on the number of rooms available. That might mean that some families add 1 1/2 homeless people while others take in as many as 12 3/4. That way homeless people don’t have to stay in abandoned homes but can stay in some really nice ones.


  4. What a beautiful home. What a shame. It seems that America loves the new more than the old. Except for photographers and the occasional heritage society.


  5. When I saw this image (before I read where you photographed it), I could have sworn it was the house that my mom, brother and I lived in for a short time. That was in Nebraska in 1960. It had been converted to apartments and we lived on the second floor at the top of a long staircase. My brother and I would sneak upstairs to the attic and snoop around up there often because the landlady was forgetful and on more than one occasion left the attic door unlocked. Thanks for bringing back some very cool memories for me, Mike. Great image!


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