34 thoughts on “Cloudy Window

  1. This is awesome, Mike! Love the reflection in the window, textures, and details. The slanted shadow against the vertical lines of the boards adds a really nice touch as well!


  2. I’m running out of nice things to say about your talent and images, Mike. It’s getting boring. I think maybe from now on I’m going to sit here with a dictionary at my side and go to it whenever trying to tell you how great some of your stuff is. I say some of your stuff is great because some of it is moving, and some of it is also fun. Let me go get that dictionary now….


  3. I’m with Emilio in running out of words to say how much I like your photos. This makes me think of seeing inside and out. The eye of the building. Love the capture of the reflection.


  4. Such a great reflection … love the clouds, the window frame, and the wooden structure, too.
    Just wanted to stop and say hello! I’m heading out on the bike in a couple hours, even though I’ll probably be riding in the rain for a couple days.
    Thinking positive, though!!
    Hope all is well in your world 🙂


    • Be careful in that rain.
      I got a pneumonia vaccine yesterday and developed a 103 degree fever last night. Happens to less than 1%. Lucky me. I’m better today.
      Nice to hear from you…thanks.


  5. The glass window, while it’s looking time worn, seems polished and refined next to all the texture of the old wood. Man o’man, that barn has done hard labour. Love that you got a reflection of today while looking at the past, very cool.


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