Two Odd Beauties (6 photos)

As Judy and I were traveling a country road, I drove past two of the most unusual looking animals I have ever seen. A quick U-turn brought me back, but by then they had retreated to the back of the property. As I waited, they saw me and started to move in my direction.slow walk At first they walked slowly but it was clear they were coming to say hello…

moving alongThey looked like small donkeys or burrows with psychedelic markings …..

cutest pair everBy now there were two large Chow dogs at the fence barking at me, so I stood back…..

I love them They picked up their pace and were about to be at the fence to say hello. I was excited…

here at lastRegrettably, the dogs kept me at bay or I would have put my hands all over these two…

looking sillyAs I said goodbye they responded by shaking their pretty heads and acting silly. It was great meeting them and I now know where they live. Next time they get treats.

Β© 2013 Michael Fiveson

56 thoughts on “Two Odd Beauties (6 photos)

  1. Awww small Donkeys, they are so cute πŸ˜€ They look like the one from the horse farm where Shaman is – Jim Knopf πŸ˜€ Did you know that a lot of farmers own Donkeys to keep away wolves? They have no fear and kill them with their front legs and bite them when they are dumb enough to get to close to them πŸ˜‰


  2. Well, they are really cute, but they are merely donkeys. Spotted donkeys. We actually have a Spotted Ass farm right down the road from us. They have pastures full of them along with lots of goats and chickens. I live in goat country and a lot of folks have donkeys to protect their goats. There are no wolves in Texas, but there are lots of coyotes. You got some fine pictures of your new friends. I hope you get to visit with them some more.


  3. I thought they were mini-horses at first, but, comparing images of mini horses, and mini-donkeys, I think your other commenter is correct — mini-donkeys.

    Nice shots.


  4. I think I know what you were feeling because my neighbor ran his Jackasses and a Jenny on our place. They would come and meet me when I got home from work and follow me and The Bride when we walkabout Our Place. He sold them and for some reason I feel my life is less for it but on the upside they are Cool and Communal creature. Yes they are.
    I hope you get to revisit and make their acquaintances, accompanied with many more photos of course! Peace!


  5. Cute post. Reminds of when I was driving on a country road like you were and I saw these 2 beautiful racing horses that I had to take a photo of. My husband stopped the car. I get out to take the shot when all of a sudden 2 guard dogs come bounding for me from the back 40. They ran so fast I couldn’t grab the shot. I ran to the car just in time before they had jumped the fence and ran to the door I just hopped in and bared their ugly teeth all the while barking at me.


    • Glad you got away unscathed. I have had other close calls, with humans who did not like me on their property. Thanks, and good hearing from you.


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