Two Odd Beauties (6 photos)

As Judy and I were traveling a country road, I drove past two of the most unusual looking animals I have ever seen. A quick U-turn brought me back, but by then they had retreated to the back of the property. As I waited, they saw me and started to move in my direction.slow walk At first they walked slowly but it was clear they were coming to say hello…

moving alongThey looked like small donkeys or burrows with psychedelic markings …..

cutest pair everBy now there were two large Chow dogs at the fence barking at me, so I stood back…..

I love them They picked up their pace and were about to be at the fence to say hello. I was excited…

here at lastRegrettably, the dogs kept me at bay or I would have put my hands all over these two…

looking sillyAs I said goodbye they responded by shaking their pretty heads and acting silly. It was great meeting them and I now know where they live. Next time they get treats.

© 2013 Michael Fiveson

Newest Friend, Part Two

I returned to visit my curious little friend to find him moving slowly. There is another little burro there who came to me quickly while my friend approached more carefully.I gave the healthier burro with the dark face some sugar cubes but could not get my little friend to come close enough to take one and when I tossed one to him he showed no interest. He was not moving well and I wondered if the dark burro didn’t rule this roost..

When it came time for me to leave I told my little friend I would return soon with some apples or carrots and told him to be well. This odd little burro has a real cute face.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

Newest Friend

My newest friend was in a field with other animals and walked right over to me….

This may be a miniature version of whatever it is (Burro?) and I thought he was cute in an odd sort of way. A full view of his other side reveals this very curious sight….

I think he looks completely stitched together like a Frankenstein Burro and appears to be made of several different parts. There is that odd flap of skin on his neck and his head does not belong to that body. And then there is the very odd rump.

© 2012 Michael Fiveson