44 thoughts on “615 1/2

  1. Nice subject matter as far as I am concerned. Moreover if you are a door whore, I have a gate fetish. Don’t worry it does not make you a bad person, it makes you a photographer with a specialized eye for detail. The photo is very nicely framed and I like the natural colors.


  2. Nice to know there’s a name for “people who take photographs of all kinds of doors”! I’ve added it to my lexicon. 🙂 Nice repetition of lines and texture…always the texture. Love it.


  3. Apparently I too am a door……appreciator! Why I take pictures of them I haven’t figured out yet either. This one particularly called to me as my DOB is 615 so these numbers are forever meaningful to me. Doors, windows and stairs appeal to me as well. Love your comments and pics!


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