31 thoughts on “Lazy River

  1. “Lazy River”, is it her name or you call like that… I loved this title… and I loved your photograph… how nice to listen its soft voice… Thank you, dear Mike, with my love, nia


      • It’s sunny and warm down here in San Antonio! Slept with the windows open last night. Beautiful shot Mike, makes me think of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
        Oh…and sign me up for that picnic! I’ll bring the neutria rat! ; )


      • And Alex, when the summer comes and it’s 105 degrees there with 90% humidity, we’ll picnic by that river in Colorado and wait for the guarantee of soft breezes in the evening as it cools down to 70 degrees. Smarty pants!


  2. LOL!!! Sorry I couldn’t get right back to you Mike, I was out by the pool, wearing a t shirt, shorts, bare feet, and enjoying a nice cold Texas Shiner Bock!
    105 degrees? That’s springtime weather!

    ….does this mean I’m kicked off the picnic?!


    • Alex, there will be NO picnic without you or your giant rodent. As well, bring the shorts and t shirt and a 12 pack of that chilled beer to wash away the taste of the rodent.


  3. This river reminds looks very much like out local River Ouse. Gorgeous. Catching up with people’s blogs this evening after a couple of months of being really busy. Still am busy, but will hopefully find more time for my blog (and others)!


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