18 thoughts on “Colorful Exit

  1. It does indeed Mike and here in the UK, because of a wet spring and a reasonable summer which increases the sugars in the sap of the leaves (so I’m reliably informed) which in turn increases the intensity of the colours when the leaves change, we should be in for a really good show this autumn. I’ve already got a few favourite locations marked out for a visit. 🙂


      • It has been known Mike. As I’m sure your son found out on his recent trip here, our weather isn’t nearly as bad as so many Americans think it is. The cliche of permanent fog and rain seems to persist although parts of the south east of England where of course ‘foggy and wet’ London is located are starting to suffer as the area is now so dry. Just not enough rain! I bid you a good day too Mike! Enjoy your lovely Colorado autumn! 🙂


  2. I love those colours – from green to red all in the one shot. The colours are not yet turning over here in my part of England (South-East). We are still enjoying weather that is warmer than it should be (September set records for high temperatures), and we are promised an exceptional Fall when it happens.


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