Thunderheads At Sea


I think to be on a boat in stormy weather and rough seas would be terrifying.


29 thoughts on “Thunderheads At Sea

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  2. Another winner Mr. Mike. We are sailors and have been caught in a few situations that were rather scary and exciting at the same time. We’re smart and experienced sailors, but when Mother Nature changes her mind..look out.


    • I was once tortured by nightmares involving getting caught in floods, particularly when driving down a road which is overwhelmed by water and soon I find myself trying to survive in what has become a large river. It would wake me up, as nightmares do. Over time I came to understand what it represented for me, and I conquered all that by successfully swimming to shore in my dream. Then they stopped. Still, I have a fear of water and to be caught in something scary would not translate to exciting, for me.
      Thank you. I don’t actually know your name…..may I know it?


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