35 thoughts on “Patterns

    • The door, as it turns out, is a time portal. I heard about it in town and drove around for four days looking for it. When I found it and entered I was transported back in time by four days and I spent 6 months looping back through the same four days, over and over again. It was a bit like getting a haircut with mirrors in front and behind you. An almost infinite peek and the same thing, over and over. I finally jumped out of the silly loop when I determined that it was someone’s attempt at humor, and besides, I had a life to return to. Well, sort of.


  1. I don’t think the door is a time portal. I think that’s maybe what you told the Mrs, after you consumed one too many cervezas and didn’t make it home by curfew! But I like the photo, the uniformity of line and the texture. Thanks for another great shot!


    • That is a really nice thing to say. I find that when I go out to specifically hunt for photos, I am able to see much more. I call that my photo head, and believe that it allows me passage into the world, and not just through it.
      Thank you very much.


  2. You wouldn’t want to show up here with a few beers under the belt, you may never find the door 😀 Loving how the shadows add to the visual impact too. What time of day were you shooting Mike?


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