Rural Industry

Here are both the color and b/w conversion of what appears to be a grain complex.

rural industry© 2014 Michael Fiveson

I like this simple composition but am also always looking for something dramatic…

rural industry mono© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Do you have a preference?

(click on images for added detail)


52 thoughts on “Rural Industry

  1. Immediately drawn to the B & W. (always like your B & W) – stretches the imagination a bit more for me. Or maybe i’m drawn to something that is B & W since i constantly live in the grey!:) Either way, beautiful. Greg


  2. Hmmm – my first reaction was the colour photo. I really liked the green-rust section on the right which contrasts with the blue sky and pale grain elevator.
    After reading all the comments, I went back to the B&W and finally saw the big wow in it. It’s the same photo but TOTALLY not the same photo. It does have a very dark, almost sinister look to it … like the windows are crying.

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    • Like the windows are crying! What a great comment. I always try to create some mystery/horror in my b&w, so I totally love the crying windows.
      Thanks for taking the time to look at it, twice.

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  3. At first I preferred the color. Just a nice, pleasing shot, the blue and gray with highlights of green and rust. But the b & w is such a powerful image, with that dark, dark sky! So now it’s a toss up, which I prefer. But I think I’m leaning towards the b&w!


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