54 thoughts on “Aspen Woods

  1. I love it, Mike. You’re always teaching me. Like that windows image the other day and now this. Photos that have been in my archives for years I now see differently. I have a grove of aspens that just never did anything for me. I never tried them desaturated to where they’re almost totally black and white. See you later. Gotta go find that shot. Needless to say I love this!


  2. I’ll be able to see some of Colorado’s beauty (again) myself. Will be in Breckenridge for a week from 22nd on. Hopefully will take some good pictures, too.
    Have great Sunday,


      • Thanks Mike…just waiting for another visit to the eye surgeon (looks like I may have to have those injections in my eye after all)…but keeping positive, Hope you are good too!


      • Diabetics sometimes have to get eye injections. My neighbor does and says it’s no big deal. The thought of it being worse than the actual process. I’m in your corner James.


  3. Oh I love this sooooo much!
    Some of my favorite memories of living in Northern Idaho were of the Aspens. We’d call them “quakies” for the way the leaves shook in the breeze.


    • Nice.
      These days quakies are more the result of fracking. Lots of that happening in my county and there have been several small tremors that are probably related to this greedy technology.


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