26 thoughts on “Storage Building

      • I have tremendous clout, as you can tell! I actually have experience in red. I painted our family barn all red one summer for 50 bucks. My sister did too, but she conveniently was afraid of heights, so I got all the tough work. She was very smart.


  1. I think the weeds are actually 12 feet high and the rest of this barn is just hidden within. What you need is that tractor to tamp the weeds down a bit and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find.


    • So I see you now have a sword and a shield. I too have a sword (for real) and would like to meet you in the desert, say mid November when it is cool enough to wield that sword for however long it takes me to knock that hat off you and see what you really look like. At that point I shall apologize, and we will go drinking, which is always a good idea with a sword.


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