Home in the Woods

wooded home© 2014 Michael Fiveson

I would live in this beautiful home which must have a clean earthy smell inside and would promote a lifestyle of health and vigor, chopping wood and hiking in the woods. Colorado.

(click image for added detail)

32 thoughts on “Home in the Woods

  1. Totally wonderful shot, Mike! I’ve had my “cabin experience,” 5 yrs on a mountain in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains…Arkansas. It is a cherished memory but, at 72, I wouldn’t want to go back. Happy Father’s Day, my friend.



    • Yeah, at 65 many of my experiences are behind me as well.
      We lived in Arkansas, briefly in 1998. Pretty state, too damn hot and humid.
      Happy father’s day to you Ron. Thank you.


      • The bike is feeling really good! I have noticed that I’m a bit rusty on the turns from a stopped position but that’ll come. It had been 7 months so I’m being patient and that little bit of rustiness is making me use caution, which is a good thing.
        I’m also very surprised with how much I am liking my modular helmet!
        Thanks for asking, Mike!!


      • Well of course Laurie. Turning from a stopped position is something I am very tentative about on my 650 bike. Slow, too careful perhaps.
        Have great fun. I’m off in the motorhome for 3 weeks come Saturday. Lake Huron. Should be great fun.


      • Oh how wonderful!!! I’ve never seen Lake Huron. I can not wait to see photos … enjoy every lovely moment!!


      • Thanks. BIG lake on one side, miles and miles of woods and barns on the other. Pumpkin will have my buddies golden to play with and he has friends with fishing boats.
        Very little internet up there, so I expect to be quiet for a time.


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