Three Tiny Birds

Unless someone tells me otherwise, I will conclude that the mystery egg that I placed in a Robin’s nest was tossed and replaced with a third Robin’s egg.

odd egg inAs you can see, one bird does appear darker than the other two, but my research suggests it is probably a male robin. Still, great fun and they will soon be off.

three baby birds© 2014 Michael Fiveson

(click on image for some great detail)

63 thoughts on “Three Tiny Birds

  1. I have enjoyed following your baby birds. I guess the parent Robin’s know their eggs by their color but if you never say three blue eggs and there are three chicks it does make you wonder a bit. But, as you say maybe another blue egg was laid and the white one tossed. See any white shell on the ground? Wikipedia has a nice little blub on Robin egg blue the color. I will say that blue isn’t so uncommon in the bird world as Great Blue Herons have blue eggs as do White Egrets and Tri-color Herons. Noticed for the first time a month ago that Glossy ibis eggs are a very deep blue..kinda like Robin egg blue. The herons have a softer blue. Oh, and Green Herons…blue too.

    Thanks for the updates on your nest..and birds do grow incredibly fast. Last post they were full of pin feathers and now looking much further along.


    • Interesting, but that does not look like my darker bird. Also, the egg I found was all white, not speckled. Thanks Lilly. I think it is a male Robin.


    • Today I stood outside in a light drizzle watching as both parents took turns swooping in and feeding their babies. It really is something to behold, although I expect they were wondering about that fool standing in the rain.


      • Heavens, how awesome. Work work work and they still sing their little hearts out. I find the drizzle kind of relaxing at times if it’s still warm out. Plus it smells so good. (not that you wouldn’t) .


      • It was warm out, as the weather here is about perfect now. I have another robin’s nest just outside my front door in an aspen tree, but it is higher up and not accessible like the one in the backyard.
        I too like rain. Maybe I’d feel differently about that if I lived in Seattle.


  2. Such a beautiful photo, Uncle Mike. In terms of Empty Next Syndrome: If you’re a fan of the best show of all time (The Andy Griffith Show), you may remember one of the all time most popular episodes. Opie, after accidently killing Mama Bird, raises the baby birds and names them Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod. When the birds fly away, Opie expresses sadness over the empty bird cage. Andy says “Yes, son, it sure does. But don’t the trees seem nice and full.”
    (and so ends tonight’s bedtime story)


    • Well, there was a time I did watch that show, back in the day, before I could no longer watch anything with a laugh track. That sounds like a nice story, but I don’t remember that particular episode. Two of my birds have flew the coop, or nest. The smaller and darker remains. I am a bit worried about him. I hope his parents are still feeding him. Nice talking, Laurie.


  3. A delightful interlude Mike. I’ve enjoyed the posts and the pictures very much. Having trouble getting over the weed comment. We still can’t get the stuff medicinally and the all the research shows what an effective treatment it is for the pain in MS but I still can’t have it. Those uneducated self promoters who sit in our government know better than all those scientists.. one day perhaps. Either that or I come to Colorado, buy a bag or two, hire a bike and call on Uncle Mike to take that road trip. 🙂


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