38 thoughts on “Natalie

    • I am a big fan of lovely, so when I see it I shoot it. This particular kind of lovely is even an addiction for me. Always will be, which is a nice thing.
      There was a time when I had a studio and was a portrait photographer and I do like to be versatile and flexible. Always good to hear from you Ingrid, and thanks.


  1. There does seem to be something soulful about this girl, I bet she’d love to have a copy of your photo. I really admire how you captured that feeling too. I need to remember to get closer.

    Nice thought on the youth thing, if you find something that works, do pass it on 😀


    • Thanks. Yes, her eyes are a bit of a mystery still. I think they are green and have some older man’s reflection obscuring them some. I know a pretty face when I see one and I see them all the time, but maybe not with eyes and lips like Natalie.
      Thanks for this thoughtful comment. Oh, and if I can figure out the youth thing, you will know, I promise 😉


  2. Mike, I completely understand your statement: “I just wanted to get lost in her eyes and come out as a much younger man.” As a woman of retirement age, I have felt the same sentiments … only looking into a young man’s eyes. Excellent shot, by the way.


  3. We all look for that as we get older, don’t we. Getting old isn’t so bad. When you “can’t get lost in her eyes and come out as a much younger man”, you realize there are moments when life sucks.

    Great portrait.


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