Mexican Door

mexican doorยฉ 2014 Michael Fiveson

A door found in Puerto Vallarta functions without any pretension whatsoever.


37 thoughts on “Mexican Door

  1. Is that a slot running horizontally in the middle section? The brown markings made me think of something or someone clawing desperately to get in. As always your photos are very thought provoking!


  2. Are you sure it’s a “Mexican” door? Because I’m pretty sure I saw a whole bunch of identical doors along the Camino in Spain… Maybe it’s a subtle design element common to both cultures ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Well, I took the photo in Mexico but I suppose it could be a Chinese door, for all I know (which isn’t much)
      Then again I might argue that not knowing much might be the sign of a good mind, but what do I know (not much). There is a redundant and looping quality to this response. Hi Amit.


  3. GREAT pic! Cool textures…and I love the nature colors in contrast to the wall and door…the blue sky and green plants! Too bad the door is locked! I’d go in and give them a hug if I could!
    Happy Monday! And HUGS for you!


  4. Must be the back door. If it is the front, they wouldn’t be able to get out with the padlock on the outside. Not unless it is meant to keep the chupacabras out.


    • I guess that is what I like about it, the unfinished and slightly confused look. The clock down there runs at a different pace from the one in the U.S, and I like that too.


      • We lived in the Lake Chapala area just south of Guadalajara for a year. It was a great experience and gave us the opportunity to travel to many beautiful colonial cities throughout the country, as well as many archeological ruins.


      • No, although we know those who do. We went down with only our backpacks, no vehicle, so walked most everywhere or took a bus. It took us renting a car once to go to the beach, and seeing the condition of the roads and the crazy drivers, to know we would most likely not take our RV SOB. It was a great experience, one I would highly recommend.


      • We did rent a place for a year as a base camp so didn’t just wander around Mexico with a pack on our backs. I would not feel safe doing that but we never felt unsafe in any of the lovely towns we visited.


      • That makes more sense. I think the people in Mexico are family oriented and very loving. There was one occasion when I drove through a small town in a rented jeep when I did feel unsafe, but that is the exception, for sure.


      • Your assessment of Mexican locals being family oriented and loving was certainly our experience. The border towns I believe, for the most part, are those experiencing the most strife.


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