27 thoughts on “De Colores

  1. I am not a huge fan of winter either, but here in Oklahoma it isn’t so bad. If we get inclement weather, it doesn’t last very long. I do enjoy getting out with the camera though, and capturing the beauty of the winter season… and it’s nice to come back inside to the warmth when I’m done!


    • Hi James. Thanks. Winter is pretty much here with 2″ of snow on the ground and single digit Fahrenheit at night. But I am warm and comfortable in my home, and alive to tell you about it.


  2. Lovely colours, Mike. Winter aint much fun if it just has to be endured. But when I’m out there in the high mountains on a pair of skies, the cold (mostly) fades away and life’s worth living.


    • Yeah, I hear that but even though I have always been an athlete, I could never ski, although I did try. Something about stiff joints. So I envy you your passion, but for me winter is not so much.


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