47 thoughts on “Random Door

  1. I’m fascinated by old structures……if walls could talk. This summer I’m hoping to get into some of the backcountry near Ouray and capture remnants of abandoned mines / ghost towns.


    • When we camped in Buena Vista this summer we found some ghost towns up in the mountains that we were able to 4 wheel into. I mined a bunch of pictures there. Your blog is another rich mine with information about camp sites. You have done a fabulous job with it. And good morning, Ingrid.


  2. Never a dull moment on your blog, Mike! I always love a good visit here. Two days til Turkey (even if it will be cut up in really, really small pieces – ha!)


    • Thanks Dan. I am drawn to that kind of image. I just boxed your vignette set so we are good to go. On the moveable slide you will see a black mark for the right setting for an 80mm lens, and there may be another marking for a longer one as well. Good luck, have fun.


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