23 thoughts on “Horses in Pasture

  1. This picture soothes the soul. It must have looked like a beautiful painting come to life while you were standing taking it all in.


  2. When the scene opened up on my computer, the expanse and the feeling of a bit of a wind in the top of the trees, and from this claustrophopic room, there was finally breath and an opening out into expanses I’ve not experienced before…. That’s a pretty good shot to do all that… your composition was great.


    • I am thinking that your keen senses allowed my photo to be all of that. I am thrilled that it resonated with you and want to thank you for being so generous.


  3. We used to have horses here in our pastures. They are majestic creatures, so beautiful to watch. I used to love to watch them just before a storm moved in. They’d run with wild abandon, as if charged by the heavy air. Lovely photo Mike!


    • They are majestic creatures and I have always been drawn to them, but with little exposure growing up. Now I can’t seem to get enough of them and find them to be mysterious, crazy beautiful, and spiritual.
      Thanks Lori.


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