Random Leaves

I think

that sometimes

when the wind is howling

and everyone finds refuge

in quieter places

that same wind

furious and mean

allows for random leaves

brought together by accident

to intertwine

and revel

with discovery


© 2012  Michael Fiveson

55 thoughts on “Random Leaves

    • That sounds like a very unpleasant dream. I used to have recurring water dreams where I’d be driving down the road and the road is overcome by water and I am pulled into the water. One night I swam to safety and the nightmares stopped but I am still prone to dreams involving water.
      And thank you for liking my simple poem.


      • Your poems are far from simple my friend.
        Words, put into lines by your hand,
        sometime bring tears to my eyes and touches my heart
        also making I stronger

        Or simplicity is strong 🙂


      • Thanks Rasta. My poems are simple because I am simple, but not in a bad way. If I write something and nobody knows what the hell I am talking about, what have I accomplished? Thank you for your thoughtful and loving comment.


  1. Pure. Simple and pure. Very nice, Mike. Once you swam to safety in your dream they stopped huh? When I was a child I started having a dream that my parents and I were on a bridge when it collapsed. I still have them to this day. Add to that, I am terrified of bridges now. I keep my composure, but I’m dying inside!


    • Yeah, the fear of the nightmare stopped once I stood up to it. Was about taking control for me. Oh I still have the beginning of those dreams but they don’t last. We play out our fears and needs in weird ways when we dream. That sounds frightful, that bridge dream. I really don’t like driving over bridges either. I get tense. The ones in NY where I grew up actually are built to sway in the wind. geez.


  2. “Random leaves brought together by accident”. The whole concept of this poem is intriguing. You are right. You are talking about a phenomenon that we mostly ignore. Why did you think of it?


  3. That is truly beautiful. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me of all the wonderful people who have been brought into my life after the loss of my daughter. Thank you.


  4. That’s a beautiful thought, my friend…nice words…your tender heart is showing again…your precious Pumpkin and now your random leaves intertwining and reveling with discovery. Thank you, dear Mike. 🙂


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