56 thoughts on “Llama Field

      • They all came running over to me and I thought they wanted me to pet them but when I tried they all started spitting on me. Gallons and gallons of spit. For some time I was actually at risk of drowning. I fell to the ground in the slippery muck, and they just kept spitting. I felt trapped in their spittle and was moments away from certain death when a small Peruvian man on horseback rode up to them and screamed ‘El Llamas esta mal’. This seemed to hurt their feelings and they sauntered off looking dejected. He dismounted and helped me out of the accumulated pond of spit, and offered an apology. Apparently they were his llamas. All’s well that ends well, except all that spit is hard as hell to get out of my hair. Still working on that.


  1. I love llamas and stumbling across a whole field of them seems like finding a treasure trove. Is this normal in Colorado? There was a bit of a craze for llamas a few years ago in Scotland and I saw them all over the place, but usually only 2 or 3 at once, never this many. Ostriches came and went, too, I seem to recall.


  2. The llama sight is lovely, and the background setting is just as lovely, Mike. 3-5 miles up the road from me (and I’m not what you would call in the country) is a herd of llama. The herd is situated right off of a major highway! Anyway, I was quite shocked when I first stumbled upon them.They seem to have plenty of space to roam, for which I’m thankful. They are not always there though. I have seen them being loaded up, and I’ve seen them being brought back. Makes me wonder where their second home is. Leave it to Charlotte have something so close to a highway!


    • That must be a good site for you, all those Llamas. The herd I found is 17 miles from me, and in the foothills on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park. I was quite stunned to see them all.
      Thanks Tina 🙂


  3. We were out for a ride with one of our Labs a few years back when we came across a llama standing next to a fence. You should have seen the expression on that dogs face as he tried to figure out what kind of critter that was!


  4. Go figure…. 🙂

    When I worked for the PD in Phoenix, someone called 9-1-1 and said there were some llamas running loose down one of the main thoroughfares…on a quiet Saturday morning. Ok…9-1-1, really? I know it was strange, but was it an emergency? 🙂


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