Playboy Club

This is the original Playboy Club……Β© 2012 Michael Fiveson

This small shed once housed the first club in America. A group of small town fellows who enjoyed beer to excess would gather here and discuss prospective conquests. Unfortunately, none ever occurred, but it was great fun to imagine themselves as playboys and lovers extraordinaire.

57 thoughts on “Playboy Club

  1. SWEET! I like the contrast of the blues of this “clubhouse” with the reds of the other “clubhouses.” Did your rivals meet in them?

    Interesting story (and great shot).


    • Like a scene out of West Side Story, rural version, where boys in overalls would dance wildly down the street singing drunkenly off key. Every dog for 12 square blocks (the entire town) would howl painfully.


    • No, we love to include our English cousins and brothers. You would be bringing the Guinness and perhaps a lass or two. Call me three days before your arrival and I will have it set up. 1-800-ODD-BLOKE


  2. I can just see them all in there in their smoking jackets scratching and telling stories with women sitting all over them. Nice photo!


  3. Brian, could I use this photo and/or maybe another on my blog and credit it to you. I’m doing a blog about photography being the cure for writers block, and some of the photography blogs I visited today.


  4. Duh! Sorry, Mike’s look at life is pretty clear and I have no idea why I said Brian. I think it was from the previous photography post I looked at. It stuck in my mind. Sorry Mike. I’m a regular visitor here.


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