32 thoughts on “White Ranch

  1. You captured such a nice composition dear Mike. These white houses and these trees under the blue sky standing so beautifully…. What a wonderful world… 🙂 Thank you dear Mike, with my love, nia


    • See, I can do lovely! Not all my work reeks of rotting wood and death. Just kidding, what I meant to say is thank you and I’ll be joining you for that cool drink, if thats ok.


      • Absolutely! I’ll even get it for you.

        There is something to be said for death and rot though. It’s a part of life. And can be quite picturesque in its own way.


  2. Not all that is interesting and beautiful has to be falling apart. This reminds me of my uncle’s farm with the wide open spaces and lots of room to run and play. My cousins and I would name the new-born calves and then we’d ride the combine out to the fields. We even went skinny dipping once—in the middle of the day! Granted, we were about 10 years old and I stepped on a salamander while in the pond. Icky. What fond memories.

    I love this photo!


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