23 thoughts on “Charming Home

  1. Ahh, we have a scooter, too, Mike, and we’re also a cute couple while on our rides, but I’m not ready for “older” yet, just mid-lifer. 🙂 This house definitely offers charm, and I love your blog header. As a dog lover, it warms my heart.


    • Judy and I both have a Honda Ruckus which is a fabulous scooter.
      My header is of course my sweet dog Pumpkin who we lost last October, although I am still grieving, and guess I always will be. Lauren, nice to hear from you. Thanks.

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  2. Oh heavens, that is charming! Both the house and the notion of you and the Mrs scootering about. It’d be even more romantic if you double! Alla’ Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!


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