8 thoughts on “Autumn Stroll

  1. Beautiful capture, Mike. I hope Lady Pumpkin is feeling fine and can enjoy her walk as well? ❤ Franco is feeling a lot better now, he has been on pain killers for almost three weeks.


    • Thank you Dina.
      Good about Franco. What is his prognosis? Pumpkin isn’t doing much walking these days and now has a firm diagnosis of spondylosis. That mimics what we thought she had, degenerative myelopathy, but a DNA test ruled that out. This is good news as DM is rapidly progressive and what she has is less so, with treatment.We are treating her through a holistic vet and exercises at home, chinese herbs, regular meds, and acupuncture which has not started yet. She is very weak, but we can bring her back some and maybe have her for a time. Thank you for asking, dear Dina.


  2. Just came across your blog and started following. I am new to WordPress so thought I would just drop a note and let you know that, I too, love the fall colors of Colorado. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


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