36 thoughts on “A Country Home

  1. Great photo. The lines and details of the house are almost too sharp in contrast to the more soft surroundings. I could visit, but I would not live there. A place for someone who does not need company πŸ™‚


    • Those are interesting observations. Are you thinking that the house does need seem warm and inviting, or is a matter of how it stands alone, without neighbors, or both?


  2. I think it is how it stands alone mostly. The white color of the walls and how the light reflects off the striped roof adds to its severity. If it was located in a neighborhood of similarly grand mansions it would loose much of its sharp lines and contrast of black and white. The architecture of the house is regular and pleasing to the eye. The entrance with the curved line of the stone steps is very inviting. I think inside, in the warm afternoon sun, it is cozy. πŸ™‚


    • Great analysis Sonia. I think it is quite grand and almost regal. Yes, the inside would offer space and comfort and that outside deck would be a place to relax as well. Notice the big barbecue grill on the far right. Steak, beer, and maybe a few cowboy hats as well.


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