26 thoughts on “Electrical Box

  1. I bet that was a project!

    On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 8:26 AM, Mike’s Look at Life wrote:

    > Mike posted: “ 2014 Michael Fiveson A rusty electrical box is > surrounded by old textured brick and patch work, in Mexico. (click on image > for added detail)”


  2. At first look I thought the box had survived flames at some point. Perhaps the rust has formed where rivulets of water ran over the box for years. Unique. I like your eye for the unusual.


    • Someone told me that he added that line to his photos because people don’t know to click. I do think the pictures (not just mine) deserve a larger look. And ‘ello Laurie.


      • I follow one other blogger who puts that every time. It does make a difference, especially when there are only one or two photos to enlarge.


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