50 thoughts on “Mt. Princeton

  1. One more evidence photo that proves how beautiful is our Country! Great shot Mike, thank your wife again for me. πŸ™‚


  2. Wow! Another of the horror shots (! well, moody at any rate)….brilliant lighting and post-processing. Lucky you that you have a wife who can hold the car steady from the passenger seat….


    • Yes, and also lucky I have a wife who let’s me get away with goofy shots like that. She could have said “hell no, pull over.” Horror shots, I like!


    • Yep, 42 yrs and made a successful child who just bought his first house. Kind of my real life’s work. The photo stuff…..gravy. Thanks Laurie.


  3. I just love the way you have processed this. This is a giant of a mountain and driving directly towards that must have been an awesome experience. This captures so well the overpowering bulk and sheer presence of that mountain. Its a monster and that’s exactly what the picture gets over. Tremendous, Mike


    • Thanks Andy. Processing this was fun as was shooting as I was driving, although that proved harder than I imagined it would be. And yes a big approaching mountain. This late response to your thoughtful comment reflects that it too was saved from the spam folder. It breathes easier now, as do I.


    • I thought sure I responded to this. Better late then never. Yes, I often drive with just my knee but on this occasion Judy was at the helm. Thanks, as always Joseph.


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